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DC Previews and Announcements | November 15, 2011

The solicitations for DC comics in February 2012 are up and between those and other Bleeding Cool sources, there are a number of announcements that affect my future comic reading…

Tom Raney replaces Federico Dallacchio on Suicide Squad. I suppose that is a good thing. Raney is a lot… cleaner, I suppose. The problem with Suicide Squad seems to be on the writing end more than the art though…

Cliff Chiang is off Wonder Woman for two issues. Tony Akins will be handling things during that time. This is really too bad. Chiang has been excellent on WW.

Gail Simone is leaving Firestorm in March. That likely means I will stop buying it then. We’ll see.

Marco Rudy is drawing Swamp Thing instead of Yanick Paquette. This seems to be a fill in only… which is a good thing. Paquette is wonderful on Swampy.

Nicola Scott and Trevor Scott will be doing a few issues of Superman. If a couple of months ago you had told me that I would have said that it was a bad thing I wouldn’t have believed you, but George Perez isn’t really DOING the art on Superman – just breakdowns – with Jesus Merino doing the art. Nicola Scott might be an improvement. Merino isn’t bad, but Sueprman hasn’t been anythign special. (at all, in fact. It is possible I won’t still be reading it come February…)

Marvel solicits aren’t up yet, but when they are…

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