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Rusty’s Comic of the Week: Fables #111 | December 4, 2011

The week of comics was, well, weak. It was a ‘fifth week’, so none of the new DC books shipped… I only got six books and that is RARE for me. If the Silver Snail still had Spaceman #1 I would have used this small week to pick up #1 and 2… but, nope.

FABLES #111 (Willingham, Buckingham, Leialoha, McManus) Vertigo

So, what made this book so great? Nothing, actually. As I said, this was a light week and this book wouldn’t have won if there was stiffer competition.

It was good, though. The resolution of the new North Wind search was interesting, and surprised me. (I was CONVINCED I knew who the winner was. Wrong!) Bufkin’s lawyer was funny as well.

Not much more to add.


THUNDERBOLTS #166 (Parker, Shalvey, Martin) Marvel

Hmmm… some great bits in here, especially the ones dealing with Troll. Satana is getting very annoying. They had BETTER give a better reason behind Hyde’s actions than what was here, but the story isn’t done. Anyone hear the London, ON’s new baseball team is the London Rippers? Really.

The art is solid but I think I prefer the regular team. I hear that this book is in the danger zone as far as sales goes. Too bad. It is worth reading.




AVENGERS ORIGINS: THOR (Immonen, Barrionuevo, Lacombe, Milla, Tartaglia) Marvel


80% into this book I thought it just might get comic of the week honours. But then the ending was pretty poor. A great story sullied by cramming a bunch in to make it count as an ‘origin’. (Stone Men from Saturn!) Enjoy the Mjolnir story and ignore then ending.


THE ULTIMATES #4 (Hickman, Ribic, White) Marvel

So… this is both an important issue AND an issue where nothing really happens. An odd mix, to be sure. “All right, let’s all just agree to not fight.”



FF #12 (Hickman, Bobillo, Sosa, Sotomayor) Marvel


Second straight Hickman book on this list. Based on his writing, this should be much higher. But the art… oh my god. It is horrible. I mean REALLY horrible. There are times when the only reason I can tell characters apart is that Hickman writes them distinctly. I showed a page to Ruthanne and asked if she could tell who was who. “Well, he has some grey hair, so he must be Reed…”


Terrible. If Bobillo stays on this book, I may not keep buying it.


HERC #10 (Pak, Van Lente, Hahn, Richardson, Aburtov) Marvel

I stayed with this book because I knew it was cancelled anyway. I shouldn’t have bothered. Remember when Incredible Hercules was one of the most entertaining comics on the racks? Those days are long gone. They took a great book and stripped out what made it special and left something just… ordinary.

This is the last issue, so I don’t need to cancel it.


Wow. What a lacklustre week. I’m sure there will be more great books next week.


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