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Departures: Simone and Bendis | December 7, 2011

So the rumours were true: Gail Simone is leaving Fury of Firestorm.

I would say this is a bad thing, but as much as I like Simone, Firestorm really hasn’t found its footing yet. Maybe bringing in Joe Harris will do that.

I think it is more likely that it will drop from my buying list before too long.

In more surprising news, Brian Bendis has announced he will be leaving the Avengers in 2012. This is a seismic shift. When all is said and done, Bendis will have written more Avengers than anyone in history. He defined the current (incredibly successful) era.

Whomever takes over, I hope they have as clear a direction as Bendis has. With multiple Avengers books, they do not need to be written by the same writer, but they need to have a collective ‘steering’ that will keep them on course. Just look at Avengers Academy. It is a very good book, but there is no reason to have ‘Avengers’ in the title. It does not feel like it is part of the same family as the others.

Either keep Avengers and New Avengers tight like they are now, or seperate them more. Move the Avengers to a new Hydrobase while keeping NA on the mean streets of NYC… or something like that.

No idea who it is going to be… and first we have Avengers vs X-Men to deal with. (Pleasdon’tsuck, pleasedon’tsuck, pleasdon’tsuck – let’s be honest, Marvel’s track record on big crossovers has been pretty bad lately…)

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