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Rusty’s Comic of the Week: The Unwritten #34 | February 13, 2012

Solid, though relatively small, week. The battle for the top spot was TIGHT!

Though there was one BIG disappointment.


THE UNWRITTEN #34 (Carey / Gross / Perker) Vertigo

A strong issue clear through. I really liked how the heroes weren’t stupid just to make the trap better. It seems the cover should be for NEXT issue rather than this one. I foudn the art wasn’t as tight as usual, but no real complaints. I REALLY wanted to see what Tom pulled out of that mouth. Guess not…


THIEF OF THIEVES #1 (Kirkman / Spencer / Martinborough / Serrano) Image

This was REALLY close to taking the #1 spot, and I hadn’t even ordered it! It was a small enough week that I took a chance on a book I had heard good things about, and I am sure glad I did! The art is really nice and the story has just enough of a hook to keep me waiting for the next issue. Not a super-power in sight…


CAPTAIN AMERICA #8 (Brubaker / Davis / Farmer / Martin) Marvel

The new Cap series, especially since Alan Davis joined, feels like a throwback to the 80’s for me, and that is a good thing. It feels like Mark Gruenwald could have been writing it. This and Avengers Academy are the books that seem like they remember what comics were like BEFORE the 90’s damn near destroyed the industry for me.


BATGIRL #6 (Gail Simone / Ardian Syaf / Vicente Cifuentes) DC

A pleasant surprise. This book has been annoying me with Gail Simone’s refusal to address the massive elephant that has been in the roof since the series was announced… and it still annoys me. The interplay between Batgirl and Batman made this issue very enjoyable, though. I especially like the way Batgirl was concerned with the villain. Sure the parallels were a little sledgehammerish, but they worked.


SECRET AVENGERS #22 (Remender / Hardman / Breitweiser) Marvel

This was mostly quite good. Another ‘throwback’ style comic, like Captain America. but a couple of things didn’t sit well. Has Captain Britain been that obnoxious for a while? I sure don’t remember him that way. Plus, while the ‘provocative clothing’ comment didn’t seem unrealistic, it also rubbed me he wrong way. I realize they were making fun of the terrorists, rather than muslims in general… but still.


BATWOMAN #6 (J.H. Williams III / W. Haden Blackman / Amy Reeder / Richard Friend / Rob Hunter) DC

This was a disappointment, in a lot of ways. Look, Batwoman has been CotW around these parts. Let’s be honest, J.H. Williams III is probably the best comic designer in the business right now. I like what some other artists do in the way of design (Marco Martin’s two-page Spidey back-ups leap to  mind) but Williams is the best.

MEANWHILE, when they announced Amy Reeder (has she dropped the Hadley?) was going to alternate arcs with Williams and there was consternation and gnashing of teeth, it didn’t come from here. Her work on Madame Xanadu was exemplary. A book that alternates between these two great artists has to be great, right?


Here’s the thing… the story is not strong. The Batwoman that was brilliant had Williams drawing over Rucka’s story. Now it is Williams and Blackman doing the story and I think the amazing art has been hiding a fairly lacklustre script. On top of that… this isn’t the Madame Xanadu Amy Reeder. Her action scenes are weak and what amazed me the most… her faces were not crisp. That was one of her strengths before!

I don’t get it. The book isn’t bad, but it was disappointing enough to drop to the bottom of the list.


VERTIGO PREVIEW 2012 (Lots of people) Vertigo

It is here because it isn’t a satisfying read, but… there are four previews and here is my take and how this preview has netted them some sales.

DOMINIQUE LAVEAU: VOODOO CHILD (Selwyn Seyfu Hinds / Denys Cowan / John Floyd)

I was not impressed with the preview. I found it jerky (which is a trait I find in lost of comics these days… a trait I don’t like) Ruthanne liked it hough and we are going to give it a shot… at least for a trial run.

THE NEW DEADWARDIANS (Dan Abnett / I.N.J. Culbard)

I quite liked this one, The premise is interesting and the art flows nicely. The characters have enough to get me to want more… and the preview was timed at quite well. We are adding it.

SAUCER COUNTRY (Paul Cornell / Ryan Kelly)

Sold. Nice story. Interesting characters. I want more.

FAIREST (Bill Willingham / Phil Jimenez / Andy Lanning)

This is the only one we were already down for… and it was the best preview. I am looking forward to it.


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