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Rusty’s Comic of the Week: Ultimate Spider-man #10 | May 6, 2012

Do you know what it is like to work in a place where all anyone talks about it is whether we are going to be fired?

Stress is taking its toll…


It was Free Comic Book Day on Saturday. As per usual, I don’t really take part, since I think those should be to try and get new readers, not give extra comics to people who are already comic fans. I would have grabbed one of those Mouse Guard hardcovers but I was too slow.

I did pick up one book…


As usual, starting from the weakest book.


THE NEW 52 #1 (FCBD!) (Geoff Johns / Jim Lee / Gene Ha / Kenneth Rocafort / Scott Williams / Joe Prado) DC

I read that if you are reading any of the DC line,m you should pick up this book.

I beg to disagree. Let me rephrase the statement: if you are reading any of the mainstream JLAish books in the DC line, you might  want this. The books I read are a little away from the centre of the universe and I don’t think I needed to read this at all. Plus, I don’t like what they are doing to the Question.


THE DEFENDERS (Fraction / Ibanez / Sotocolor) Marvel

Oh, by the way, they killed all the Immortal Weapons and made one of them into a full-on villain.

Uh, what? If that wasn’t bad enough, they were killed in one panel each!

Remember how pissed people were at how Bendis killed Alpha Flight? This was worse.


WORLD’S FINEST #1 (Paul Levitz / George Perez / Kevin Maguire / Scott Koblish) DC

One of the ‘second wave’ of DC books. With this (and ‘Earth 2’) DC establishes that the old multi-universe style of writing is back in the new DC. I liked this book in general. The nod towards the post-crisis Huntress was nice. Reverting to the old Huntress costume was great and the new Power Girl costume… well, I’m not sold, but I don’t hate it either. The art was what you would expect with Perez and Maguire… which is quite a lot. Perez wasn’t able to stick around on Action for very long. Hopefully teaming up with Maguire will help him here.

The story is a bit… fast forward to get you up to speed. A hope things settle down next issue.


AVENGERS VS X-MEN #3 (Brubaker / Romita / Hanna / Martin) Marvel

Did I forget something? When did the X-Men stop fighting? I hope it wasn’t in a support book. That is a pretty big plot point to not have in the main story.

The way Captain America dealt with Wolverine was… well, a little harsh. Other than that… I don’t know. It is what it is. Big fight. A bit of treading water.


AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #685 (Slott / Ramos / Olazabo / Delgado) Marvel

Speaking of treading water… I like this story in general, so I don’t knock this down too much, but this issue feels like the whole story may be one issue too long.


SWAMP THING #9 (Scott Snyder / Marco Rudy / Yanick Paquette) DC

I have mentioned before that this is the kind of fight I don’t like. STRUGGLE without really DOING any thing, but then overcoming through WILL… or the seeds of will, or something. Still, the comic is very good. The art is really nice. And that last page… yeah. I am looking forward to next issue!


DIAL H #1 (China Mieville / Mateus Santolouco) DC

Another DC ‘second wave’ book. I love the Dial H concept. I love the creativity behind the characters. I am so-so on the art. I may warm to it. It is the plot that I am not clear on thus far. Hopefully that clears up. (That is my complain about Voodoo Child as well.)


ANIMAL MAN #9 (Jeff Lemire / Steve Pugh) DC

Nice. A very solid issue. The Pugh art is solid. The story is interesting. The characterizations (of Maxine, her mom and grandmother, mostly) are strong. This is just a really good book. The ‘on the run’ aspect only really works if you ignore the fact that this is a world full of superheroes, but it is working so I am okay to ignore it.


AVENGERS ACADEMY #29 (Gage / Grummett / Hamscher / Sotomayor) Marvel

I love Academy. The characters are all so interesting and when Gage brings new characters in, they are just as good. The scene with Loa, Mettle and Hazmat made the book all on its own. I don’t read any of the X-Men stuff so I don’t really get what is going on with Shaw. Does he remember who he is or not?



ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #10 (Bendis / Marquez / Ponsor) Marvel

I thought Academy was going to be comic of the week, until I got to the last book in my pile. If you haven’t picked up on this by now, characterization is what makes a book for me, and what Bendis is doing with Miles Morales is amazing work. Ultimate Peter was a good, good comic. Ultimate Miles is better. The stuff between him and his uncle works on SO many levels. The reader knows not to trust Prowler, but why would Miles think that way? The characterization of the uncle is excellent too. I LOVED his reaction to finding out that Nick Fury knows who he is. The parallel between Uncle Aaron and Uncle Ben is perfect.

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