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Rusty’s Comic of the Week: Ultimate Spider-Man #19 | January 6, 2013

A fairly light week, but some good comics, as always.


Starting with the weakest.


ALL-STAR WESTERN #15 (Palmiotti / Gray / Moritat / Winslade) DC

This is a book that has been found as comic of the week. NOw it is at the bottom of the pile. Why?

It used to be a gritty western book which was fairly unique on the shelves. Bit by bit they have been turning it into a book for Batman readers to look at and chuckle as they slide in references to the Bruce Wayne / Gotham City mythos. That was bad enough. Now they are trying to be League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Jonah Hex fighting Mr. Hyde, powered by Eclipso!

No thanks. Turn this back into a western. Please. Next thing you know we will be getting the old HEX comic back as Jonah goes into the future…


NEW AVENGERS #1 (Jonathan Hickman / Steve Epting / Rick Magyar / Frank D’Armata) Marvel

The ‘Hickman-ization’ of the Avengers continues. New Avengers is now about the Illuminati… I guess. This comic was about Black Panther and some new world beating villain that is fairly indistinguishable from the new world beating villain in the Avengers, other than it is a solo villain instead of a group. (Without going back to check, is there a character named Manifold in both books? What is the Aborigine hero in Avengers called?)

There were references to the Illuminati and I have read that this is that book.

I sure hope it gets better.


BATMAN INCORPORATED #6 (Grant Morrison / Chris Burnham) DC

This book is hit and miss but this issue was pretty good. The challenge facing Batman was pretty simple except… what was the threat to Damian? When Talia says that Bruce has to choose between saving one or the other, that is a pretty standard trope, but there needs to be a threat to both. What was the threat to Damian?

On the other hand, Damian gets a kitten!


JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #15 (Jeff Lemire / Ray Fawkes / Mikel Janin) DC

This new world is interesting. It is bursting at the seams with magic, but magic is outlawed. Is that why? People aren’t using the magic so it is building up? Neat premise.

The best part of the book is when Constantine is forced to tell the truth… which is a problem for him as he lies every time he opens his mouth. I hope Lemire uses this to force him to explain some things to his teammates.

Could you picture having to tell everything you were thinking at all times? Shudder.


GREAT PACIFIC #3 (Joe Harris / Martin Morazzo) Image

Previously introduced but I hadn’t though of it until now… this new machine can turn sludge into water? Wouldn’t that DESTROY New Texas?


ALL-NEW X-MEN #5 (Brian Michael Bendis / Stuart Immonen / Wade von Grawbadger / Marte Gracia) Marvel

A lot of great stuff in this issue! We get to see the way Beast imagines himself… and that is looking like the vastly superior ‘ape’ version. Unfortunately Bendis had the opportunity to turn him back into that form but chose not to. Jean Grey gets to see… everything. We get the excuse for keeping them in the present. Solid book that is all about the characterization.

Iceman met Iceman. Beast met Beast. Cyclops met Cyclops. Jean Grey got to see her fate. When will Angel meet Archangel?


ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #19 (Bendis / Pichelli / Ponsor) Marvel

As much as I love Miles and Ganke and the rest, right now, it is Jefferson that makes this book amazing. This line MADE the book: “I don’t think it feels that way to him.”

Seriously. Buy Ultimate Spider-Man.

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