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Rusty’s Comic of the Week: Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #4 | May 12, 2013


This was a small, and not great, week. The comic of the week wasn’t even great. Good reads, but nothing exciting.

Starting at the weakest…

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #15 AU (Ewing / Guice / Palmer / D’Armata) Marvel

This comic was… pretty stupid and fairly pointless. Starting from having the Ultrons pretend to be Daleks right through to a super-powered soccer player… really?

I am guessing this book may have been interesting for people who read the Captain Britain and M.I.6 book. THat is just a guess because the comic acted like we would already know and care about this characters.

SUICIDE SQUAD #20 (Ales Kot / Patrick Zircher) DC

I loved the old Suicide Squad but when this run started, it just wasn’t very good, so I stopped buying it. With this new writer, I had heard that better things were expected so I decided to give it a try.

So far so… we’ll see. It is very violent, but it seems to be purposely violent. Are they just torturing these characters for fun? Killing people as a motivational tool? My biggest complaint seemed to be reversed int he same issue as they implied that their expendable characters couldn”t actually die… but then they seemed to take that back, which is good.

We’ll see.

UNCANNY AVENGERS (Rick Remender / Daniel Acuna) Marvel

Interesting. The arrogance of Sunfire was well done as it was obvious that he was doing it to mask his fear. (That line with Thor offering him a hug was terrible, though. It was like Remender had a line he wanted to put in and there was nobody suitable to say it and he just made Thor say it anyway.)

I also fine that Wasp has been acting WAY out of character. It is a point of view he wanted in the book, so he gave it to someone, even though it doesn’t fit well. I suppose that is the problem with characters with long histories. They were much more heroic in past eras and now we need them to be more… gritty.

AVENGERS #11 (Hickman / Deodato / Martin) Marvel

Speaking of odd characters choices… Black Widow is written differently from book to book. Does anyone recall that she used to lead the Avengers? Casually suggesting that torture and killing are the best way to handle things?
Now people will argue that it IS in character and they are not wrong. She is just very inconsistent.

Shang Chi is awesome in this issue. Sam and Bobby are pretty fun, too. That poker scene is sloppy and awful, but you can’t win them all.

ROCKETEER: HOLLYWOOD HORROR #4 (Roger Langridge / J. Bone) IDW

This is a fun issue. That’s about it. That makes it the best book of the week.

One note… I will often speak out against sexism in comics, even when there can be excuses for it.

Do you know how to get away with it? Adam Hughes knows. So do the Dodsons.

Do it with style.

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