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Rusty’s Comic of the Week: Daredevil #26 | May 23, 2013


Starting at the weakest…

REVIVAL #10 (Tim Seeley / Mike Norton) Image

I think this is my last issue. This has been all concept and no plot. The story has to go somewhere and have some reason. It has just gotten uglier and uglier and the latest addition of the racists has not been especially welcome. I was able to deal with it last issue but the discovery this time that the sherrif was not just humouring the old bastard makes me dislike the comic a little more.

AVENGERS #12 (Hickman / Spencer / Deodato / Martin) Marvel

Yeah. Could Hickman do what no other writer has done and convince me to stop buying the Avengers? This continues to be a meandering mess.

And, oh my god, the stupid in this issue. Hey, let’s all become teachers, even though we are in no way qualified and are likely to do more harm than good! Let’s include Spider-man even though he is acting completely amoral! Hey, what is up with him anyway? Who cares! Oh, and when some sort of flying dragons comes and takes the little demon children away, let’s just watch them go, even we have IRON MAN AND THOR STANDING RIGHT THERE!

Give me a break.

UNCANNY X-MEN #6 (Bendis / Irving) Marvel

I enjoy this book, and I didn’t dislike this issue, but the main story was a bunch of standing around waiting for a fight that just sort of barely happened. The side stories were good, though. THe new mutant looks interesting and the new S.H.I.E.L.D. agent looks VERY interesting.

YOUNG AVENGERS #5 (Gillen / McKelvie / Norton / Wilson) Marvel

Since I didn’t read Journey Into Mystery, I appreciated the Loki recap. He suddenly got a lot… less interesting. I am sure that was a very awesome and dramatic moment for JIM, but now I am left wondering why he is bothering with the YA crew. If it really is the Loki we all know, this is way beneath him. He actually SHOULD have taken Billy’s magic and left.


UNCANNY AVENGERS #8 AU (Rememnder / Duggan / Kubert / Martin) Marvel

Another one of those Age of Ultron crossovers that has very little to do with… wait. That isn’t what happened here. Having Kang as the UA villain gave Remender the opportunity to have someone recognize what was going on and see the changes to the timeline, and even explain them a little. Other than that, this was really a UA issue and not a AoU issue, which was a nice change. I didn’t regret buying this one bit.

JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #20 (Jeff Lemire / Ray Fawkes / Mikel Janin / Vicente Cifuentes) DC

DC is really failing for me… except for this corner of it. What DC books am I still getting? JLD, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Dial H (Which is being cancelled)… and Wonder Woman, which is mostly for Ruthanne. Basically, what does DC do well? That area between superheroes and Vertigo. The darker edges where things are a little more messed up. Even the use of Flash here has been very good. Not only in the way they have used him but the way the others look at him.

Unfortunately there is going to be a JLD crossover with JLA and JL soon. This Flash appearance makes me dread it a little less. A little.

THE UNWRITTEN #49 (Mike Carey / Peter Gross) Vertigo

I love the Unwritten version of Hell. Both of them. The fact that there is more than one really works for me, because they are stories. There is more than one story about Hell so there is more than one Hell. Perfect.

The use of the Orpheus story was very interesting. Tommy wants to understand. He is an explorer.

And now… Fables!?!

THE MASSIVE (Brian Wood / Danijel Zezelj / Jordie Bellaire) Dark Horse

I just realized what this story really is. It is Moby Dick.

SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #10 (Slott / Stegman / Delgado) Marvel

Let’s start with that great Marcos Martin cover. Yes. I almost put this as the #1 book just so I had an excuse to post the cover.

I am fighting a battle over this book. Slott likes to show that Otto is BETTER at being Spidey than Pete was, while also failing at being an actual hero… or human being. But then there is Anna, who humanizes him a lot.

The struggle to BE Peter without Pete’s memories will be interesting as well. Having him in his head for all this time probably helped him, but what happens when he meets someone he should know, but doesn’t?

DAREDEVIL #26 (Waid / Samnee / Rodriguez) Marvel

Another great cover. I wonder if Samnee had planned for there not to be a logo and just have the clothesline do the job and then realized that it actually isn’t that clear. Samnee is great, but he isn’t Eisner.

The lead story was solid. I don’t think that is who they think it is because then they would have admitted it at the end. Better than last issue.

It was the back-up that really won me over, though. The juxtaposition of a world of super-heroes and people living with all-to-real problems was really well done. The panels where Foggy confronts the kids and they look at him like he is an idiot are great. This is great comics.

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