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Rusty’s Comic of the Week: Swamp Thing #21 | June 9, 2013

swamp thing 21

A bigger week with some pretty good comics.

Starting at the weakest…

SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #11 (Slott / Gage / Camuncoli / Dell / Delgado) Marvel

There was nothing wrong with this issue, I just enjoyed it the least out of this week’s books. Otto was especially villainous in thought while continuing to be very effective in his mission. This is a dichotomy that works sometimes but not others. THe thing I DON’T like is that there are a number of JJJ’s who will be reading this who will be cheering for Otto. I call it Azrael syndrome.

AGE OF ULTRON #9 (Bendis / Pacheco / Peterson / Bonet) Marvel

So we get a little speech explaining why the one they can’t do to fix the problem is to… do exactly what they do to fix the problem.

It is interesting to me how little of a book called Age of Ultron has them actually fighting Ultron.

I do hope that there ARE actual changes to history when this is done.

ASTRO CITY #1 (Busiek / Anderson / Ross) Vertigo

I bought the first volume of Astro City in my comic library project and I really liked it so I saw this as an opportunity to jump on-board.

This isn’t as good as the first volume of Astro City, but it is still entertaining and certainly worth continuing with.

American Chibi?

THE MOVEMENT #2 (Gail Simone / Freddie Williams II) DC

A solid first issue was followed by a better second issue. Mouse was especially fun this issue. I understand that the last issue reveal would actually mean something to me if I ever read Gen13.

AVENGERS #13 (Hickman / Spencer / Deodato / Martin) Marvel

This felt like an old-school superhero comic a little. Throwing down against the High Evolutionary!

Though for those who have seen me complain about how over-powered the Blue Marvel is, Hyperion is just as bad. Superman is boring over in DC comics. Why have Superman knock offs over here?

MISTER X: EVICTION #2 (Dean Motter) Dark Horse

This book oozes style. The story is good enough. The actual drawing is good enough. But the STYLE and DESIGN of both makes this book both retro and modern at the same time. It is unique.

FAIREST #16 (Sean E. Williams / Stephen Sadowski / Phil Jimenez / Dan Green) Vertigo

I have complained when Fairest focused too much on make characters but this book felt like we were seeing Nalayani’s story still, but this issue was giving us Charming’s perspective. That works… for an issue.

The art continues to be superb… but the font in the word balloons continues to be very annoying.

ALL-NEW X-MEN #12 (Brian Michael Bendis / Stuart Immonen / Wade von Grawbadger / Marte Gracia) Marvel

Stupid, misleading cover… but I am glad that what happened there did not happen inside. The one line that captures the beauty of this book was “You got to see your brother at his best.”

Meanwhile, their insistence at going and clearing their own name was perfect. Baby X-Men vs Sabretooth could be messy. Good thing Pointy Bits is coming with them.

DIAL H #13 (China Mieville / Alberto Ponticelli / Dan Green) DC

If it wasn’t for the part at the beginning where I felt like I was playing catch-up as the book delved into lots of exposition to try and cover how confusing the book was… it would have been number one. Open-Window Man is ridiculous but he was perfect here as he tried to recreate Batman (as Orphan), but was ultimately rejected… and then saves everyone.

That out of nowhere characterization is what makes this book work. When they get to the more plot-driven parts… well, the plot is not always so comprehensible.

SWAMP THING #21 (Charles Soule / Jesus Saiz) DC

Start with a beautiful cover by Jock… add in strong storytelling and nice art inside. A new interesting Swampy from the past. The Parliament of Trees (threatened YET AGAIN), a new character with promise (though limited). Even some good action bits.

This feels like the best Swampy issue of the relaunch. I was worried about what the book would be like after Scott Snyder left. It is better.

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