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Rusty’s Comic of the Week: All-New X-Men #15 | August 18, 2013


But, you might say, that book didn’t come out this week!

You are correct, but I had some computer issues. Big ones. Ones that mean I am now typing this on a new computer.

So I have two weeks to catch up, but I am still going to it as two posts.

Big week… dredging the memory banks… starting at the weakest…

THE MOVEMENT #4 (Gail Simone / Freddie Williams II) DC

The weakest issue so far. The jump-cuts to mini-backstory bits made it feel like filler. I guess it is trying to give each character some personality but it just didn’t jell for me.

HUNGER #2 (Fialkov / Kirk / Aburtov) Marvel

Just this week Marvel announced that this series was just basically a lead-in to the NEXT series, which IS written by Bendis and (my spec) will likely end the Ultimate Universe and move Miles over to the 616 (under the name Spider Hero? Ugh.)

This was better than issue #1, The Rick Jones / Silver Surfer pairing was okay, but not enough.

SWAMP THING #23 (Charles Soule / Kano / David Lapham / Alvaro Lopez) DC

First off, the art was terrible. I mean REALLY bad. There were a few Swampy shots that were okay and I assume those were Kano, but overall… not good. Look at that Constantine shot on page 2! Holy crap! Then there is that message at the end, written in the trees.

At least I THINK it is a message since it is completely illegible.

Very disappointing. This book has been very good lately.

DIAL H #15 (China Mieville / Alberto Ponticelli / Dan Green) DC

The grand finale. As such , this issue is all about the plot. What is this book good at? Not that.

The plot-centric issues are the worst ones and the pure characterization issues are the best ones. This was definitely the former. I am actually kind of glad it is over.

AVENGERS #17 (Hickman / SPencer / Caselli / Martin) Marvel

So Ex Nihilo, Star Brand and Nightmask are now Avengers? Okay… I guess. I suppose that means their stories now had a purpose, as a set up for this.

I still don’t like the Avengers Army concept, so adding EVEN MORE characters is not good. What else don’t I like? Ridiculously overpowered characters on the team. The worst one in recent memory was Sentry. Now we have Star Brand.

Wow, this wasn’t a very good week, was it…

AVENGERS A.I. #2 (Humphries / Araujo / D’Armata) Marvel

I like Dimitrios as Iron Man, though I think he should take the faceplate off permanently, like he did in that one panel, to differentiate more. The one thing about it, though, is that despite being the Avengers A,I, villain, there is no way Stark wouldn’t get involved. His reaction to his tech being used for untoward purpose has been quite violent in the past.

FAIREST #18 (Williams / Sadowski / Pepoy) Vertigo

Hey, a non-cheescake cover! Some decent characterization stuff in here. I don’t have a lot to say here. Fairest has generally disappointed, but that is because my expectations were quite high.

SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #15 (Slott / Ramos / Olazaba / Delgado) Marvel

Ramos should always draw the Hobgoblin. Spider Henchmen! Peter’s favourite women figuring things out! Phil Urich behind on his ‘car’ payments! This is really good stuff! People who are refusing to read this because of Otto are missing out. I am looking forward to the return of Peter as much as anyone, but int he meantime, this is good comics.

TRILLIUM #1 (Jeff Lemire) Vertigo

After some specific recommendations, I thought Trillium would be my top book this week.

Nope. It was really good, but not THAT good. The problem is the art. I am just not a fan. I found it distracted from the story. There were times when I thought it actually obfuscated the plot, and that is just not good. Because the story WAS good. Very good. The flip book conceit was perfect. I really want to know what happens next.

ALL-NEW X-MEN #15 (Bendis / Lafuente / Campbell) Marvel

The art was… perfect. Was it as great as we have had? Technically no, but it showed this team as the youthful characters they are supposed to be. The Hank/Jean scene worked all around. Scott and Bobby out in public was so… teenager!

This book takes over where Avengers Academy left off, and Avengers Arena absolutely DID NOT pick up.

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