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Rusty’s Comic of the Week: Silver Surfer #8 | January 18, 2015


This was a pretty big week… because of Star Wars alone. It was highly anticipated, but how was it?

Well, it isn’t comic of the week, so we’ll have to wait and see. Starting at the weakest.

SPIDER-VERSE #2 (Slott / Anka / Immonen / Lafuente / Lopez / Mackay / Vella / Puig / Herrara / Templeton) Marvel

This wasn’t… terrible. In fact it might have NOT been last if it wasn’t for how kind of uncomfortable the Anansi story made me. I don’t want to call it racist and I am a fan of Kathryn Immonen… but let me just leave it at ‘it made me kind of uncomfortable’.

The punk Spidey story was great. Hobart Brown… who is that again? The Prowler? Let me go look it up… American Sculptor and founder of Kinetic Sculpture Racing?

Wrong one.

Bishop of the Diocese of Fond du Lac in The Episcopal Church?


Yep, it was the Prowler.

Oh, and the Spanish story? Just no. I shouldn’t have to go on-line to find out what happens in a comic.

AVENGERS #34.2 (Humphries / Bengal / Curiel) Marvel

A fill in story to give us a better look at Starbrand? Or to GET RID of Starbrand?

I am all for the latter, but I don’t have faith that is what happened.

And I really dislike the art. The manga influence on American comics has been a real negative for me.

AVENGERS #40 (Hickman / Caselli / Martin) Marvel

Two overpriced Avengers comics in the same week? And their numbering is not even remotely close together?

Marvel is on drugs.

The worst part here is that this is NOT an Avengers story. It is a New Avengers story. Complete with a ‘shocking death’ that I don’t believe for a second. In fact, they kind of ‘killed off’ a whole bunch of characters that I guess were a big deal in New Avengers.

Whatever. Finish the Hickman run and let’s move on.

S.H.I.E.L.D. #2 (Waid / Ramos / Olazaba / Delgado) Marvel

This was a fun little Coulson / Ms. Marvel story fighting the Wizard….’s glove.

Plus a little backstory for Jemma Simmons (Ms. Steranko 🙂 )

The message at the end would mean more if this book was written by Willow Wilson.

MILES MORALES: THE ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #9 (Bendis / Marquez / Ponsor) Marvel

Ignore the cover. It has nothing to do with the contents of the comic.

This was a decent story but it was just so exposition heavy. Show us, don’t tell us, right?

ASTRO CITY #19 (Busiek / Anderson / Ross / Sinclair / Comicraft) Vertigo

Another Quarrel story… and it looks like another to come. At least I hope so, because the end of this book doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Astro City is great (Rusty’s Comic of the Year for 2014) but this issue does not especially stand out.

DAREDEVIL #12 (Waid / Samnee / Wilson) Marvel

The twist wasn’t especially impactful, but the comic overall was good. A nice chase scene and a great scene between Matt and Kirsten.

And great art, as always.

LAZARUS #14 (Rucka / Lark / Arcas) Image

This book just keeps getting better and better. Politics. Intrigue. Humanity. Betrayal.

I love that Hock’s ridiculous accusations are 100% accurate. I also love that they are still wrong, in execution.

Speaking of execution… it looks like a bi fight is coming. Lazari as samurai? Truth through combat?

And Michael Lark is killing it on this book.

STAR WARS #1 (Aaron / Cassaday / Martin) Marvel

Yes. It is as good as I had hoped. When the characters spoke, I HEARD them, in the proper voices. It didn’t hurt that John Cassaday’s art was absolutely on point.

I’ll admit that I was disappointed that the book is set after Star Wars and not after Jedi. That guarantees a certain amount of wheel spinning, but what are you going to do. They want Vader to be in the books.

Yes. I’m all in.

SILVER SURFER #8 (Dan Slott / Michael Allred / Laura Allred) Marvel

Despite the minor disappointment about the Star Wars comic timeframe, it still seemed like it would get the top spot… until I read Silver Surfer.

Can you imagine? You have met someone. They seem pretty great. You are travelling around, having fun, seeing the universe, basically begin a Doctor Who companion… and then you find out that they are responsible for killing billions upon billions of people.

It is an aspect of Silver Surfer that is often glossed over. Why was he forgiven for that, exactly?

In some ways, this hits home. Very well done.


  1. I went back and got all the Astro Cities I missed last year on Comixology, and you’re right with how good it was over the last year. This most recent issue is great in subtle ways — it’s an awesome character piece that really reminds me of classic Stern-era Avengers (Crackerjack as an amalagam with Hawkeye as the primary inspiration, basically) but with less focus on plot and more on character. No one else seems to do this (superheroes as character-driven stories, rather than plot-driven), and when they do they don’t do it as well as Busiek. He’s exactly what a writer who happens to be a continuity-obsessed nerd should aspire to be: he uses the overall arc of stories learned through knowing everything about his field to inform and explore, rather than emulate or shock. Busiek’s the anti-Slott.

    I loved Astro City during its earlier runs (the single-issue story about the man who dreams of a woman who never existed is one of my favorite comic issues ever) but this run is both more subtle and more superlative than before. It’s like deconstruction done with love rather than… well, a desire to deconstruct. It’s a shame that since these comics aren’t shocking or earthshaking or in any way cool (emulating 70s-80s-era comics, albeit without the writing tics that make them feel dated, isn’t really a cool thing to do these days) that they will be overlooked since they’re really among the very best examples of the American superhero genre.

    Comment by Lucas — January 20, 2015 @ 5:58 am

    • You have summed up very well what I love about them.

      I am an Avengers fan from way back (I actually own the full run, from ’63 on), and I am not especially enjoying them these days. Hickman’s run is all about the fight. The big bad that needs an army of Avengers to face them. All the time. That leaves ZERO room for characterization. It is telling that the Avengers title has special ‘.1’ issues to try and give individual characters room for you to care about them. There is no room for that in the regular comic.

      In Astro City they do the opposite. The characters are the point. Always. The plot is there to drive the characters instead of the characters existing to advance the plot.

      A plot is just a plot but characters make a story.

      Comment by rpriske — January 20, 2015 @ 1:30 pm

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