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Rusty’s Year in Comics 2015 | March 25, 2015


When DC launched the New 52, Batman was not one of the books I picked up. I have never been a huge Batman fan and while there have been some GREAT Batman stories, I tend to find him a little repetitive.

Later I picked up some issues during Zero Year (or whatever it was called) and wan’t impressed enough for it to catch on, despite the raves for Snyder’s run.

And I like Scott Snyder. I really liked him on Swamp Thing.

So here is The Court of Owls, which kicked off the New 52. And again, it feels a litre repetitive. Going back to Batman’s origins and rewriting little bits to fit a later story means this whole thing is based on a retcon.

But it is a relaunch so if you a re ever going to do that…

But it is quite a good read. As said, ‘Batman pushed to his limits’ has been down to death, but this is a well done version of that story.

2015 in Comic Collections

Batman: The Court of Owls Vol. 1 (Snyder / Capullo / Glapion)
Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 5 – Public Scrutiny (Bendis / Bagley)
Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate Collection Vol. 2 (Bendis / Bagley)
Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate Collection Vol. 1 (Bendis / Bagley)
X-Men: Ghosts (Claremont / Romita Jr. / Leonardi / Brigman / Windsor-Smith / Adams)
Power Pack Classic Vol. 2
X-Men: From the Ashes (Claremont / Smith / Wiacek / Simonson / Romita Jr.)
Transmetropolitan Vol. 3 – Year of the Bastard
Transmetropolitan Vol. 2 – Lust For Life
Transmetropolitan Vol. 1 – Back on the Street
Gotham Central Vol. 1 – In The Line Of Duty
The Walking Dead Vol. 5 – The Best Defense
The Walking Dead Vol. 4 – The Heart’s Desire
The Walking Dead Vol. 3 – Safety Behind Bars
The Walking Dead Vol. 2 – Miles Behind Us
The Walking Dead Vol. 1 – Days Gone Bye
Fables Vol. 4 – March of the Wooden Soldiers
Fables Vol. 3 – Storybook Love
Fables Vol. 2 – Animal Farm
Fables Vol. 1 – Legends in Exile
Hulk Visionaries – Peter David Vol. 2
Hulk Visionaries – Peter David Vol. 1
Justice League International Vol. 3 – Giffen / DeMatteis / Maguire


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