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Rusty’s Comic of the… Weak? | April 5, 2015

uncanny avengers 3

Since I started filtering out my monthlies, I keep doing this post and saying, “Well, it may not be a full week, but I still stand behind the comic of the week…” or something to that effect.

This week, not so much.

I got two books that each have one more issue in the current run.

Luckily I also got two great looking tradebacks, but those are for another post (once I read them).

AVENGERS #43 (Hickman / Mayhew / Martin) Marvel

Sigh. Right after I decide that I will keep getting the main Avengers title even after I stop all other monthlies (I mean, I have them all so far, right back to 1963), the next issue I rad was downright awful.

First off, the art is terrible. I mean it really looks rushed. The story isn’t much better. It is choppy and I am pretty sure that half of what happens doesn’t make sense because I don’t read New Avengers, which is inexcusable.

What a mess.

Thankfully, when Secret Wars is all over, it seems that Hickman will no longer be leading the Avengers.

UNCANNY AVENGERS #3 (Rick Remender / Daniel Acuna) Marvel

Well the art is much better in this comic, right off the bat. The story is better as well, though still has that, ‘fighting in a vacuum’ quality that I sometimes get from Remender’s books. Hi sense of ‘place’ is not always to be liking.

Overall, a decent book, but this wouldn’t be near a Comic of the Week ‘award’ if I was still getting a full complement of books.

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