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Rusty’s Comic of the Week: Daredevil #15 | April 30, 2015


The return of Rusty’s Comic of the Week!

Not really, but there are some stray issues that aren’t out yet that I am still grabbing, and there were three of them this week!

All three are marked as the last issues of their respective titles that I am buying… but…

Starting at the weakest.

MULTIVERSITY #2 (Morrison / Reis / Prado / Brown) DC

They never should have made this series have its own arc. Every time Morrison just focused on making a one-off interesting world, it worked. Every time he made it part of the ‘bigger picture’ it failed.

What we have here is a half-assed, sloppy version of Crisis. Fail.

AVENGERS #44 (Hickman / Caselli / Walker / Martin) Marvel

First of… god, that cover is just horrible.

So, the world is ending. This is really the prequel to Secret Wars.

Enough. Hopefully there is an Avengers comic worth reading when we come out the other side.

DAREDEVIL #15 (Waid / Samnee / Wilson) Marvel

Wow. After two pretty bad comics, was this ever nice to read.

Great story and great art.

So, imagine that everything you ever say is recorded.

Imagine everything you ever HEAR anyone say is recorded.

Then it is broadcast to everyone.

Pretty bad, yeah?

Now imagine you are a lawyer.

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