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Rusty’s (Free) Comic of the Week: The Tick | May 2, 2015


So, I was up early this morning so I decided to swing by Free Comic Book Day at the Silver Snail.

I remembered why I generally don’t go to FCBD…

There is just something about people who get in line, walk past the counter, taking one of each comic, without even looking at what they are…

I don’t know. I know that FCBD is very good for the industry. I also know that some people are getting comics that they could never afford to buy.

Anyway, I scanned the counter and picked up three books that looked interesting and/or fun.

Also, please take any criticism in the spirit that it is given in. These are FREE comics, but I am still looking at them asking if they are GOOD comics.

Luckily, the pretty much are that.

AVENGERS (Waid / Asrar / Martin) Marvel

Or should I say…

UNCANNY INHUMANS (Charles Soule / Brandon Peterson / Justin Ponsor) Marvel

It is kind of funny that the title that this book CLAIMS to be – the Avengers – is less that half the comic. It is more Inhumans than Avengers.

Regardless, the Avengers story is fine. There is obviously no meat, but as a preview for the post-Secret Wars Avengers, it works. I would much rather read the Mark Waid Avengers than the Jonathan Hickman Avengers.

Interestingly, they appear to not be government funded (Good!), but are also not Stark funded, though it appears that is still Stark as Iron Man. There is either a continuity mistake in here OR post-Secret Wars will be rewriting continuity (which is what I think will happen). Mentioning Wasp as a minor character that stayed an Avenger for ‘a month’?

DOCTOR WHO (Abadzis / Carlini / Mann / Laclaustra / Centurion / Ewing / Williams / Fraser) Titan

I picked this up because… I like Doctor Who. I don’t normally read the Doctor comics, and this didn’t convince me to change that. It ended up better than the Marvel book simply because the second story was amusing. It made of FCBD as some alien (or whatever) was using free comics as a form of mind control.

THE TICK (McLelland / Redhead / others) NEC

Now THIS comic was really great! This is straight up fun Tick goodness. It isn’t just an ad for other comics. I could hear the voices from the cartoon in my head while I read it, which is a pretty good sign.

Just fun… and that is what FCBD can be about, if you let it.

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