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Rusty’s Year in Comics 2015 | July 23, 2015


This shouldn’t be part of my comic ‘book’ list. It should be a single issue.

But it isn’t.

I actually got three comics today. All three are series enders.

Hawkeye #22 is the finale of the Fraction run. It was very, very late… and it didn’t deserve to be. This was a disappointing issue in and of itself. There was nothing special about it. Nothing to make it deserve its delayed fate.

But, as part of the bigger story, it was good. The run was good and well worth picking up as a collection. I will say that once, while reading this issue, I literally said aloud, ‘Fuck you, Matt Fraction.’

I got over it.

C.O.W.L. #11 is the end of that run, which is a real shame, because the book is quite good and well worth continuing.

Having said that, the problem was obviously sales. I am sure they will try to claim this was the natural end to the series, but it clearly wasn’t. They tried to cram quick wrap ups to every plot thread in the book which left it rushed and sloppy. Too bad. Still a good comic.

Then there is Fables.

The reason this is appearing on THIS list is that Fables 150 is a full-sized trade back that costs over $20. It is ALSO Fables Vol. 22 as it doubles as its own collection.

Let me make this clear, that since I have switched to buying trades, this doesn’t impact me severely.

However, what a stupid, STUPID idea.

Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time I worked at a comic store called Arthur’s Place here in Ottawa. (It is now Silver Snail… a much better store).

I did the comic ordering at Arthur’s. Back then there was a comic produced in Ottawa called Elflord
from Aircel comics (before it became a porn comic company). Barry Blair was the head everything at Aircel and he was a friend of Arthur, the owner of the store.

We had been ordering 10 copies of Elflord each issue, but sales were falling.

They then solicited an anniversary issue as part of the regular run. Instead of the usual $2 or so, tho issue was going to be $12.

I ordered four. Barry complained to Arthur that orders were way down and that it didn’t make sense to him because ‘everyone who was buying Elflord was going to buy this’.

We didn’t sell the four copies. We didn’t even sell one copy.

Comic readers are not magic founts of money. If your average comic reader comes in to buy their regular weekly comics finds that ONE of their comics is now over $20, what do they do?

The either don’t buy that comic, or they don’t buy other comics… which is bad for the industry because once they skip an issue, they aren’t going back.


Anyway, THAT rant is over, but how about the actual book?

Disappointing as well, actually. It was like Willingham noticed a plot hole and ended the whole series on that. This isn’t good writing. Let’s end the book on a technicality after 150 issues?

INCREDIBLY unsatisfying. A twist is fine, but a twist that was there that felt like a reader sent on a no-prize or something? No thanks.

Then there was a bunch of ‘Animal House’ style wrap ups… that didn’t wrap anything up! Little of it was ‘where do these character end up’… instead they are just random pages set later in the timeline. No resolution. To anything.

Even the premise, ‘the end of Fabletown’, has no real logic behind it. They all just decide it is over for no real reason.


Rusty’s Comic Reading List – 2015

Fables 150 (Willingham / Buckingham / Leialoha)
Over Easy (Mimi Pond)
Velvet Vol. 1 – Before the Living End (Brubaker / Epting / Breitweiser)
Batgirl Vol. 1 – Batgirl of Burnside (Stewart / Fletcher / Tarr)
Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant? (Roz Chast)
Flash Gordon: The Man From Earth (Jeff Parker / Evan Shaner / Jordie Bellaire)
Seconds (Bryan Lee O’Malley)
The Wake (Scott Snyder / Sean Murphy)
The Fade Out, Act One (Ed Brubaker / Sean Phillips)
MIND MGMT Vol. 1 – The Manager (Matt Kindt)
Thor, God of Thunder Vol. 1 – The God Butcher (Aaron / Ribic)
Astro City Vol. 2 – Confession (Busiek / Anderson / Blyberg / Sinclair / Ross)
Astro City Vol. 1 – Life in the Big City (Busiek / Anderson / Ross)
Green Lantern – No Fear (Geoff Johns / Various Artists)
Stray Bullets Vol. 1 – Innocence of Nihilism (David Lapham)
Chew Vol. 1 – Taster’s Choice (John Layman / Rob Guillory)
The Walking Dead Vol. 6 – This Sorrowful Life (Kirkman / Adlard / Rathburn)
The Wicked + The Divine Vol. 1 – The Faust Act (Gillen / McKelvie / Wilson / Cowles)
Lumberjanes Vol.1 – Beware the Kitten Holy (Stevenson / Ellis / Watters / Allen)
Southern Bastards Vol. 1 – Here Was A Man (Aaron / Latour)
Batman: The Court of Owls Vol. 1 (Snyder / Capullo / Glapion)
Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 5 – Public Scrutiny (Bendis / Bagley)
Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate Collection Vol. 2 (Bendis / Bagley)
Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate Collection Vol. 1 (Bendis / Bagley)
X-Men: Ghosts (Claremont / Romita Jr. / Leonardi / Brigman / Windsor-Smith / Adams)
Power Pack Classic Vol. 2
X-Men: From the Ashes (Claremont / Smith / Wiacek / Simonson / Romita Jr.)
Transmetropolitan Vol. 3 – Year of the Bastard
Transmetropolitan Vol. 2 – Lust For Life
Transmetropolitan Vol. 1 – Back on the Street
Gotham Central Vol. 1 – In The Line Of Duty
The Walking Dead Vol. 5 – The Best Defense
The Walking Dead Vol. 4 – The Heart’s Desire
The Walking Dead Vol. 3 – Safety Behind Bars
The Walking Dead Vol. 2 – Miles Behind Us
The Walking Dead Vol. 1 – Days Gone Bye
Fables Vol. 4 – March of the Wooden Soldiers
Fables Vol. 3 – Storybook Love
Fables Vol. 2 – Animal Farm
Fables Vol. 1 – Legends in Exile
Hulk Visionaries – Peter David Vol. 2
Hulk Visionaries – Peter David Vol. 1
Justice League International Vol. 3 – Giffen / DeMatteis / Maguire

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