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Rusty’s Reading List 2015 | November 17, 2015



I have a large pile of books that I read through in now particular order (well, in fact, there IS an order of sorts, but it is not one that actually makes any sort of sense), so sometimes I get something out of nowhere.

For example, I just picked up the brand new edition of ARC, which is the ‘Spoken Word’ issue. Did I read that one?

How about I instead read this one from a year ago, finally?

Yeah. Anyway, it is very good, as expected. I was really taken with Steve McOrmand’s ‘For The Beauty of Winona Ryder’. The last line hit me like a ton of bricks, and I don’t know why.

My stumbling attempts at review had me interested in the review section, including a review about talking about reviews, if that isn’t too Inceptionist for you.

You see, I don’t really understand poetry reviews. I read them and they seem interesting, but they never seem to give me any sort of feeling of what the poem is LIKE.

This is not specific to poetry reviews. Read music reviews that don’t use other bands as a benchmark. Our touchstones give us a mental picture – even if it is wrong.

Oh well, my basic ‘reviews’ will continue to be ‘I liked this’ or ‘I didn’t like this’.

I recall talking about a comic book and saying that the art was bad. Someone asked me to explain what ‘made it bad’. Fair enough. I am no art expert. I switched to ‘I don’t like the art’.

Well, as stated, my review for this issue of Arc is that ‘I liked this’. I look forward to reading more issues. (I think I have 3 more in my to-read pile…)



My year in books:

Arc Poetry Magazine #76 – Winter 2015
The New Yorker Reader: True Crime
X – Shane Rhodes
Plane Tickets Printed On Broken Glass – Mike McGee
Issues with Etiquette – Sean O’Gorman
Madness, Rack, and Honey – Mary Ruefle
The Hottest Summer in Recorded History – Elizabeth Bachinsky
^^^^^^^^^^ – Stevie Howell
Zurita – Raul Zurita
What Does A House Want? – Gary Geddes
Twenty-five Years of Tree – James Moran & Jennifer Mulligan (ed)
Thanks For Nothing, Hippies – Sarah Clancy
Ocean – Sue Goyette
Come Cold River – Karen Connelly
Touch the Donkey Vol. 1
Memory – Ottawa Capital Slam Poetry Team – 2014
Empire of the Sun – J.G. Ballard
Snow Crash – Neal Stephenson
Some Remarks – Neal Stephenson
A Brief Guide to J.R.R. Tolkien – Nigel Cawthorne
Distrust The Particular Flavor – William Gibson
Shouting Your Name Down The Well – David McFadden
Thousand Times Broken, Three Books – Henri Michaux
Stained Pages – Sean O’Gorman


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