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Rusty’s Comic Reading List 2016 | February 19, 2016


Another book I was invested it has advanced far enough for a collection for me. Ms. Marvel is a delight of a book, and this is even better than it had been before I stopped buying singles. Miyazawa’s art is perfect and Wilson writing continues to set just the right tone.

The story with the ‘cute guy’ was predictable, but the undertones were amazing! Now THAT is how you write a story that uses sexual analogies without actually subjecting your character to that particular indignity (and irrevocably ruining the tone of the book).

Masterfully done.


Comic Books Read in 2016

Ms. Marvel Vol. 3 – Crushed (Wilson / Miyazawa / Bondoc)
Saga Vol. 5 (Vaughan / Staples)
Captain America: Winter Soldier Vol. 2 (Brubaker / Epting / Lark / Perkins)
Captain America: Winter Soldier Vol. 1 (Brubaker / Epting / Lark / Leon)
Step Aside, Pops – A Hark! A Vagrant Collection (Kate Beaton)
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol. 1 – Squirrel Power (North / Henderson)
The Wrenchies (Farel Dalyrimple)

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