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Rusty’s Reading List 2016 | April 11, 2016



This book was gifted to me by my friend Kevin Matthews during my recent hospital stay. I have been working my way through it but I have found that this is not a book you plow through – or, if you do, it is to your detriment.

The book is delightfully uneven. By that I mean you can find yourself reading a strong piece on Irving Layton, communism, or mature and then you suddenly hit a pseudo-graphic poem about having sex. (I actually didn’t care for that one.)

There are a number of poem written for other poets, which was a bit of a joy. If we can not love our communities, what are those communities for?

I did wonder of in certain circles that comes across as name-dropping. Maybe if I wrote a poem that started with “So, I was sitting down with Shane and Shayne…”

Lovely book. Thank you Kevin.

Books Read in 2016

In A Springtime Instant – Milton Acorn
The British Museum is Falling Down – David Lodge
True Grit – Charles Portis
The Diamond Age – Neal Stephenson
Word Warriors: 35 Women Leaders in the Spoken Word Revolution – Alix Olson (ed.)
Blue Marrow – Louise Bernice Halfe
Open Letter: Woman Against Violence Against Women – Sheri-D Wilson
Yummy Mummy – Erin Dingle
Peter F. Yacht Club #22
If These Streets Are Haunted… – Magpie Ulysses
The Honey Month – Amal El-Mohtar
Sunsets for Daydreamers – Megan Ann Ward
September – Brandon Wint & Ikenna Onyegbula

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