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Rusty’s Comic Reading List 2016 | September 24, 2016


I have never been a big fan of the Punisher. Fundamentally, I didn’t like that Marvel made him out to be a hero. He was created as a villain. He is a murderer, straight up.

So why do I like Garth Ennis’ take? Because he doesn’t make a stand one way or the other on the right or wrong of what Castle does as the Punisher. It just is.

Despite not liking the Punisher as a hero, I read and enjoy this the same way I can watch and enjoy Reservoir Dogs… or reading the Ostrander Suicide Squad. They don’t have to be heroes to be interesting.

This is a re-read. I just got the second volume.

Comic Books Read in 2016

Punisher: Welcome Back Frank (Ennis/Dillon/Palmiotti)
Animal Man: Origin of the Species (Morrison / multiple artists)
Animal Man (Morrison / Truog / Halewood / Grummett)
The Wicked + The Divine Vol.2 – Fandemonium (Gillen / McKelvie / Wilson / Cowles)
Lumberjanes Vol.2 – Friendship To The Max (Stevenson / Ellis / Watters / Allen)
March Book Two (Lewis / Aydin / Powell)
Star Wars: Darth Vader Vol. 1 – Vader (Gillen / Larroca / Delgado)
March Book One (Lewis / Aydin / Powell)
Ms. Marvel Vol. 3 – Crushed (Wilson / Miyazawa / Bondoc)
Saga Vol. 5 (Vaughan / Staples)
Captain America: Winter Soldier Vol. 2 (Brubaker / Epting / Lark / Perkins)
Captain America: Winter Soldier Vol. 1 (Brubaker / Epting / Lark / Leon)
Step Aside, Pops – A Hark! A Vagrant Collection (Kate Beaton)
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol. 1 – Squirrel Power (North / Henderson)
The Wrenchies (Farel Dalyrimple)

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