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Rusty’s Reading List 2017 | January 11, 2017


I had previously seen the movie adaptation of this book, starring Harrison Ford. I liked it, but either I didn’t quite grasp the whole message or it was quite watered down from what was in the book. Actually, that latter is the case no matter whether the former is true or not.
I recently read the IMDB page for the movie and I saw people making comments that Allie Fox (played by Ford) was right.
I don’t think anyone who read the book would say that. At least I hope not.

This book could be renamed ‘Mansplaining: The Novel’.

It is really about a man who is so convinced that he is right – always – that his whims become manias. He is absolute family dictator and then turns to absolute abuse before this is over. He is racist. He is a massive hypocrite as he decries the ‘modern’ world and then immediately tries to modernize the ‘savage’ world whenever he can. He lies constantly – to himself as much as anyone else.

Maybe Harrison Ford makes some benefit of doubt. Allie Fox does not.

By the end… the horrific end, if I being honest… it feels like a relief.

This is a good book, though it can be exhausting.


Books read in 2017

The Mosquito Coast – Paul Theroux
Guff Ink – Wes Ryan
Hurting God – Rita Ann Higgins


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