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Rusty’s Reading List 2017 | May 21, 2017

Dave McGimpsey - LilBastardCover


Let’s talk about something a little cheerier, shall we? (That comment won’t make any sense if you are reading this at any time other than right when I post it.)

I got this book as part of the CFSW 2011 ‘swag bag’, donated by Coach House Books (I believe), but have never read it until now.

It is quite delightful. It is kind of like a diary, told in the form of ‘chubby sonnets’. There is real emotion in here but it is often cloaked in humour. An entertaining book.


Books read in 2017

Li’l Bastard – David McGimpsey
Love is a Tree you Planted – Mary Pinkoski
oratorealis #3
Muybridge’s Horses – Rob Winger
Trouble Boys – The True Story of the Replacements – Bob Mehr
A Magical Mystery Tour – Inside the Coach House Press
Arc Poetry Magazine #80
Dancing Alone – William Hawkins
Peter F. Yacht Club #24
Canticles I (MMXVI) – George Elliott Clarke
Touch the Donkey #9
Touch the Donkey #12
Arc Poetry Magazine #81
The Emperor of Water Clocks – Yusef Komunakaa
Warhorses – Yusef Komunyakaa
The Mosquito Coast – Paul Theroux
Guff Ink – Wes Ryan
Hurting God – Rita Ann Higgins


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