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Rusty’s Reading List 2017 | September 16, 2017

2013 White Board

This is the white board the 2013 CapSlam team used to plan out our performances for CFSW that year. Note all the changes. πŸ™‚

In the first round, 3rd spot down, you can see ‘Romeo’. That referred to a poem called ‘Romeo and Julez’ by V which jus happens to be in the chapbook I just finished reading, ‘Since February – Poetry by V’.

V has always been a super talented slam poet but this book shows that she is much more than that. It is a deeply moving book, as a lot of the poetry comes from a place of sorrow after losing her father.

I was thinking about V lately and was prompted to pull it out and re-read it after imaging a great slam team that included me, V, Erin Dingle, Optimus Rhyme… a team that nobody wants to qualify for.

I am doing a set of poetry at CFSW this year that deals with dealing with cancer. While doing it, I will think about everyone I know (poets or not – thinking of you Paula… Rob…), that know what this battle feels like.



Books read in 2017

Since February – Poetry by V
Coke Machine Glow – Gordon Downie
A Feast for Crows – George R.R. Martin
The Malahat Review #198
Selected Poems of Robert Frost
Stickboy – Shane Koyczan
On Equilibrium – John Ralston Saul
ARC Poetry Magazine #78
The Anthropocalypse is Nigh… – Shayne Avec I Grec
The Associate – Phillip Margolin
Peter F. Yacht Club #25
Forth-seventh birthday – rob mclennan
Li’l Bastard – David McGimpsey
Love is a Tree you Planted – Mary Pinkoski
oratorealis #3
Muybridge’s Horses – Rob Winger
Trouble Boys – The True Story of the Replacements – Bob Mehr
A Magical Mystery Tour – Inside the Coach House Press
Arc Poetry Magazine #80
Dancing Alone – William Hawkins
Peter F. Yacht Club #24
Canticles I (MMXVI) – George Elliott Clarke
Touch the Donkey #9
Touch the Donkey #12
Arc Poetry Magazine #81
The Emperor of Water Clocks – Yusef Komunakaa
Warhorses – Yusef Komunyakaa
The Mosquito Coast – Paul Theroux
Guff Ink – Wes Ryan
Hurting God – Rita Ann Higgins

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