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Rusty’s Reading List 2018

May 5, 2018
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This list isn’t generally ‘reviews’, but sometimes I lead in that direction. It feels odd to do any sort of review of a magazine that I helped put together.

So, don’t consider this a review, but it certainly is an endorsement.

Check out the work by Ayaz Pirani, Rasiqra Revulva, Di Brandt, Michelle Brown, and a great essay by Ali Blythe.


Books Read in 2018

ARC Poetry Magazine #85
The Collected Poems of William Hawkins – William Hawkins
Touch the Donkey #16
The New Quarterly #144
Absolute Sandman Vol. 1 – Neil Gaiman and others
Autonomous – Annalee Newitz
The Malahat Review #200
Fables Vol. 5 – The Mean Seasons (Willingham / Buckingham / Leialoha / Akina / Palmiotti)
Fables Vol. 4 – March of the Wooden Soldiers (Willingham / Buckingham / Hamilton / Leioloha / Russell)
Fables Vol. 3 – Storybook Love (Willingham / Buckingham / Leialoha)
Fables Vol. 2 – Animal Farm (Willingham / Buckingham / Leialoha)
Fables Vol. 1 – Legends in Exile (Willingham / Medina / Leiaoha / Hamilton)

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