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Rusty’s Reading List 2019 | April 19, 2019

I have known Dave O’Meara for years, but somehow I only had one of his books (‘Noble Gas, Penny Black’), despite loving it. I rectified that by picking up ‘A Pretty Sight’ at VERSeFest.
It starts out on the right note, as the book includes ‘Occasional’, which is the first poem I ever heard Dave perform – at the very first VERSeFest. It is told from the point of view of the Poet Laureate of the Moon.
If you think that sounds amazing, there is also a poem in here that is a conversation between Socrates and Sid Vicious. It is as incredible as it sounds.
Right when I was thinking he should have ended the book on ‘End Times’ (due to it being appropriate, not because of a lack of quality following it), Dave drops a poem about Old Hoss Radbourne! Yes!
This is a very worldly feeling book and I highly recommend it.

2019 Reading List

A Pretty Sight – David O’Meara
Avengers: The Korvac Saga – Shooter / Michelinie / Mantlo / Perez / Various Artists
Indiana Review Vol.40, No.2
Avengers: Death Trap: The Vault – Fingeroth / Lim
This Wound is a World – Billy-Ray Belcourt
The Auteur Vol.1 – President’s Day – Spears / Callahan / Anderson
Astro City Vol. 2 – Confession – Busiek / Anderson / more
Astro City Vol. 1 – Life In the Big City – Busiek / Anderson / Ross
Animal Man Vol. 2 – Origin of the Species – Grant Morrison / Various Artists
Power Ball – Rob Neyer
Denver Quarterly Vol. 52 No. 3

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