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Rusty’s Reading List 2019 | June 25, 2019

The reason I have this book is a little unusual. I was contacted by Oxford Press a while back because the author wanted to use a quote from my blog. I agreed and they promised to send me a copy of the book… and here it is!

This is definitely a ‘scholarly’ take. The verbiage is a lot to slog through for the uninitiated (including me), but if you can get past that she is using the verbiage to make solid points. Can words constitute harm? Well, of course they can, as far as I am concerned. McGowan doesn’t leave it at that, she uses this book to prove it.

This book is the counterpoint from any time someone has said ‘sticks & stones’ to you. Words can hurt a lot worse than broken bones.

2019 Reading List

Just Words: On Speech and Hidden Harm – Mary Kate McGowan
Star Wars Vol. 1 – Skywalker Strikes – Aaron / Cassaday / Martin
The Tower – Simon Toyne
ARC Poetry Magazine #88
The Fifth Season – N.K. Jemisin
The Walking Dead Vol. 7 – The Calm Before – Kirkman / Adlard / Rathburn
A Pretty Sight – David O’Meara
Avengers: The Korvac Saga – Shooter / Michelinie / Mantlo / Perez / Various Artists
Indiana Review Vol.40, No.2
Avengers: Death Trap: The Vault – Fingeroth / Lim
This Wound is a World – Billy-Ray Belcourt
The Auteur Vol.1 – President’s Day – Spears / Callahan / Anderson
Astro City Vol. 2 – Confession – Busiek / Anderson / more
Astro City Vol. 1 – Life In the Big City – Busiek / Anderson / Ross
Animal Man Vol. 2 – Origin of the Species – Grant Morrison / Various Artists
Power Ball – Rob Neyer
Denver Quarterly Vol. 52 No. 3

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