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Rusty’s Reading List 2019 | July 1, 2019

This is just so good. Well, except the first story. To give some background on what happens later in the volume, they included an earlier story from Batman Chronicles that was also written by Greg Rucka, but the art really distracts. That’s okay, though, because once you get into Half A Life, the story and art work seamlessly.

It could be argued that the entire story, from page one on down, is a set-up for the last page. But wow… what a last page. I won’t say I shed a tear, but it wasn’t far off. Powerful, moving, compelling storytelling. That isn’t how it ‘should’ have ended. Thank you, Greg Rucka, for having the guts to end it this way.

2019 Reading List

Gotham Central Book 2 – Half A Life – Rucka / Lark
Walking to Aldebaran – Adrian Tchaikovsky
Just Words: On Speech and Hidden Harm – Mary Kate McGowan
Star Wars Vol. 1 – Skywalker Strikes – Aaron / Cassaday / Martin
The Tower – Simon Toyne
ARC Poetry Magazine #88
The Fifth Season – N.K. Jemisin
The Walking Dead Vol. 7 – The Calm Before – Kirkman / Adlard / Rathburn
A Pretty Sight – David O’Meara
Avengers: The Korvac Saga – Shooter / Michelinie / Mantlo / Perez / Various Artists
Indiana Review Vol.40, No.2
Avengers: Death Trap: The Vault – Fingeroth / Lim
This Wound is a World – Billy-Ray Belcourt
The Auteur Vol.1 – President’s Day – Spears / Callahan / Anderson
Astro City Vol. 2 – Confession – Busiek / Anderson / more
Astro City Vol. 1 – Life In the Big City – Busiek / Anderson / Ross
Animal Man Vol. 2 – Origin of the Species – Grant Morrison / Various Artists
Power Ball – Rob Neyer
Denver Quarterly Vol. 52 No. 3

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