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Rusty's 2019 Books of the Year! | January 2, 2020

My books of the year (with the caveat that these are books I read this year, not necessarily things that were published this year. I believe the Neyer book came out in 2018, for example), were pretty easy to choose.

I broke it into three categories, because why not? (No comics this year. I certainly read some, but I am just not feeling a ‘best of’ among them.)

For Fiction, it was definitely ‘This Is How You Lose the Time War’ by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone. With the disclaimer that I consider Amal a good friend, I will also say that I was blown away by the style and deft handling of words in this book. This is not the book you grab if you are looking for hard Sci-Fi Time Travel, but it absolutely IS the book you grab if you want to read beautiful prose and compelling dialogue.

For Poetry, Titilope Sonuga’s ‘This Is How We Disappear’ rocked me. I have known Titi for years and knew she was a talented poet, but I was unprepared for the impact of this book. I want to see her get the accolades that she deserves.

For Non-Fiction, Rob Neyer’s ‘Power Ball’ takes the (no) prize. It is no secret that I am a fan of baseball and no book I have read lays out the current state of the game as weak as Neyer does here. As I told him on twitter, I would love to see him go back in time and write a book like this for every decade or so, so we could really see and understand the evolution of the game.

2020 is here and what will be the first thing I read? It looks like the Mojo Collector’s Series ‘Changes 1976-2016 Bowie’. Or maybe a Yusef Komunyaka book.

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