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Rusty’s 2020 Reading List | February 12, 2020

Back in the 80s there was a great Captain America villain named Flag-Smasher. He railed against the concept of borders and tried to bring down Cap as a symbol of those borders. But tenth character went beyond Mark Gruenwald and he became a generic mercenary. It ruined the character.

In this volume we have the DC version, in microcosm. When Anarky was introduced, he was not really extolling the virtues of anarchy, but rather he was calling out the corrupt system that caters to the elites. Which is true. It is real. He wasn’t a villain at all.
By the end of this collection he was ‘fusing the different halves of his brain together’, tricking Darkseid, and ‘proving’ that truth is a bad idea. All under the same writer. In Anarky’s first couple of appearances, Batman was not the hero. By the end, Anarky was just a misguided villain. What happened, Alan?

2020 Reading List

Batman: Anarky – Grant / Breyfogle / more
Batman: Night Cries – Goodwin / Hampton
The Chameleon Couch – Yusef Komunyakaa
Batman: Shaman – O’Neill / Hannigan / Beatty
Flux – Joe Denham
Bowie – Changes 1976-2016 – MOJO Collector’s Series

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