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Rusty’s Comic of the Week: Ultimate Spider-man #23

May 19, 2013
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Small week… some good books though.

Starting at the weakest…

AGE OF ULTRON #8 (Bendis / Peterson / Mounts) Marvel

If this is such a big cross-over, couldn’t they have gotten a better artist?

Nothing happens. I mean, stuff happens, but nothing you couldn’t explain away in a few lines. This mini is hit and miss. Great ideas but not always the best execution.

AVENGERS: THE ENEMY WITHIN #1 (DeConnick / Hepburn / Bellaire) Marvel

So, why did this need to be its own comic? Really, this is just an issue of Captain Marvel with Spider-woman and Thor guest starring. That’s okay. I read Captain Marvel and Avengers Assemble, so getting this cross-over was going to happen anyway.

Buy this if you already buy Captain Marvel. If you don’t, this isn’t going to change your mind.

WONDER WOMAN #20 (Brian Azzarello / Goran Sudzuka / Cliff Chiang) DC

Sudzuka is a better fill-in than Tony Akins.
There was nothing WRONG with this comic… but are we ever going to get something different? The gods send someone after the kid. Wonder Woman et al fight to save the baby. Rinse, repeat.

This is getting very, very repetitive.

FABLES #129 (Willingham / Buckingham / Leiloha / Pepoy) Vertigo

Well, I got what I wanted… but I wish there was a little more too it. They didn’t outsmart him. They just cast a spell and had a fight. But, the right person won and now it is ‘her other half’ that needs the saving. That works.

Oh, and Rose Red was awesome… (and right).

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #23 (Bendis / Marquez / Ponsor) Marvel

One year later…
It is the same story you would expect, just not so time-compressed. Miles’ girlfriend was a bit of a surprise. The pressures from Ganke and Jessica are the right ones.

But the best part of the comic? Jefferson. “Kid’s got play all of a sudden.”

Excellent stuff.