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Rusty’s Comic of the Week: Wonder Woman #7

March 24, 2012
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After a late week getting to my comics, this time I got them Thursday… but Thursday was my birthday and last night was Once Upon A Slam, so here I am!


From best to ‘least best’.


WONDER WOMAN #7 (Brian Azzarello / Cliff Chiang) DC

This book us going to ruffle the feathers of some long-standing WW fans… but I don’t care. It is just a well done comic. The changes in Paradise Island and the Amazons are very large, but they create a great story. The scenes with the Amazons hunting for… seed… were very well done. The scenes with Hephastus and the men were excellent. This is one of the best comics DC has going (at least when Cliff Chiang is on art duties) and this is the best issue of the run thus far.


FABLES #115 (Willingham / Buckingham / Leialoha / McManus) Vertigo

Fables is not the book it once was (for that, read Fairest right now), but it still has flashes of greatness, instead of just ‘goodness’. I don’t like the back-ups… not the story itself but getting it in such small doses… but the main story was very VERY good. The stuff with Spratt worked but it is Discardia that REALLY resonates. I guess that can’t call it the Island of the Misfit Toys, but Discardia is such a great name anyway. It is more a cross between Rudolph and Toy Story anyway. Good comic.


SUPER CROOKS #1 (Mark Millar / Leinil Yu) Icon

I feel that I should point Ruthanne’s legitimate gripe against this book. Eight characters on the cover and only one isn’t white (or is it two, hard to tell) but more than that, only one female. And guess what? She also happens to be someone’s girlfriend or something. Past that, this is a good read. It isn’t hugely ground-breaking but a strong story of career loser criminals looking for a new stomping grounds. The bit with Vegas and supers was nice.

I bought this on a whim but am going to continue.


AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #682 (Slott / Caselli / Martin Jr.) Marvel

This kicks off Ends of the Earth (the big Spidey story of the season). Doc Ock is helping to save the world. Do you trust him? Spidey doesn’t. I really liked them showing the uses of Peter’s inventions and what a great place Horizon Labs is. I don’t like the latest costume, though. Apparently it is Sinister Six proof or something.


DOMINIQUE LAVEAU VOODOO CHILD #1 (Selwyn Seyfu Hinds / Denys Cowan / John Floyd) Vertigo

This book was pretty disappointing. Not enough to drop it yet, but the story was pretty disjointed and the scripting was, well, bad. Put this in the Night Force category of ‘I hope it gets better’.


THUNDERBOLTS #171 (Parker / Walker / Pallot / Martin ) Marvel

Thunderbolts has been pretty good lately and this is the regular creative team… so why was it so lousy? The villain was lame. The premise was weak. Parts of it were just icky for no reason. It SEEMS like the only reason this comic exists is to change Songbirds powers… I guess. It is unclear. This book is turning into Dark Avengers soon. We’ll see.


AVENGERS: X-SANCTION #4 (Jeph Loeb / Ed McGuiness / Dexter Vines / Morry Hollowell) Marvel

Not that you could tell the name of the book by the cover. You would assume this was just the Avengers book. Maybe that was the point.

So, in the end this book served a purpose, narratively. It brought back Cable and set the stage for AvX… but just. It didn’t suck as bad as it seemed like it was going to early on, but I still would not recommend it.